Abigail Zhang

With over 20 years of experience in private equity and capital markets, Abigail joined Marabek in 2021 as an Advisory Partner. She brings deep technical and financial expertise in managing Trans-Pacific and Chinese capital investment transactions.

Between 2004 and 2014, Abigail started as an entrepreneur where she co-founded Eliot-Elixir Associates Ltd. and Eliot-Elixir Group Ltd., a Shanghai based advisory consulting firm supporting global private equity, family offices, asset management and alternative investment firms. Her role included forming Chinese investment funds, develop international investment structures, cross-border fundraising, identifying Chinese businesses seeking international expansion. She was active in PE and VC fundraising from pension funds, FOFs, overseas HNW family offices, university endowment funds and institutional investors. Abigail established offices in Hong Kong and San Francisco.

Abigail relocated to Washington, DC from 2014-2017, she worked with Phoenix Media (NYSE:FENG) and its subsidiary Phoenix Satellite TV Investment Holdings also referred to as Phoenix Media Ltd. Finance Channel. The Chinese owned Phoenix Media is considered one of the worlds biggest media corporations and Abigail was promoted to VP of Global Partnerships where she was responsible for investor relations with the World Bank, IMF, US Dept. of Treasury and other global financial institutions.

In 2017, Abigail was hired as the Assistant President of a Chinese Government based investment fund, Sailing Capital based in Hong Kong. Her role included fund raising, investor and public relations as well as support LPs execute transactions. Her role also covered global LPs, who included sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, institutional investors, HNW multifamily offices, endowments and investors across the Middle East, North America and Asia.

Most recently as Managing Director for Spring Valley Capital, Abigail took over as Vice GM of a portfolio company, Nano Star Technology.  She helps the company establish its global operations and advises on business development strategies. Her responsibilities include overseeing daily operations, investor and government relations as well as oversee all fundraising activities. . Abigail is also the CEO of MoonX Technology based in Toronto, Canada and is working to build up the team and localize the Autonomous Vehicles Solutions in North America with collaboration from partners in Israel and EMEA regions.