David 'Dudi' Salton - Partner

He has served as CEO, Chair, and member of boards of directors for many companies, both private and public. Currently he serves as an independent Director for public companies Intercure Ltd. (TASE: 1106376) Investment platform for LiveScience ventures, and ARAN Ltd. (TASE: 1085265), an Israeli product design and development firm for global equipment manufacturers within the plastics industry.

Within investment funds, he was CEO of DCL Technologies, a publicly listed investment company and Deputy General Manager and Head of the Investments Sector for Leumi Partners with $100MM under management and 25 portfolio companies in various sectors. David also served as a principal of Axcessnet, the Israeli representative of Broadview Associates LLP., a US leading Investment Bank for Merger and Acquisition transactions in the IT industry. David recently joined as partner to Marabek Holding Global, a PE fund in its fundraising process (August 2018).

David holds B.Sc. degree in Economics & Management, Industrial Engineering Faculty, Technion, Israel.