Creating accretive value through organic and inorganic processes can be time and capital consuming. Marabek advises our clients to consider time-value-of-money in every scenario by weighing internal costs over time. We bring a unique model to structure and execute business plans to maximize returns with clear oversight. Not as Board members or consultants, but rather as cooperative partners with a long term view on building successful companies together.


Whether it's an add-on, bolt-on or a new platform, we advise our clients on all aspects of completing a successful acquisition. That includes the pre-planning phase, P&L modeling, ROI forecasting, due-diligence process, organizational roadmap, revenue mix, key account analysis, cost variables and many other details typically overlooked. We take the emotions out and focus on what's best of our client and act as intermediaries to uncover valuable strategic insights and risks.

Sustained Success

Running a company in competitive environments today requires systems to ensure continuity and growth are not limited. Businesses often miss opportunities to maximize assets, resources and relationships to boost their bottom lines. Marabek works in step with our clients to standardize systems but also place focus on capturing lost profits while returning optimal efficiencies. We align with employees and leadership to build long term sustained successes.


Uncovering Value

Finding hidden value within your existing enterprise is more than analysis, it's culture and strategic vision that drive growth. Building on your existing success, we can expand on your strengths to create value normally lost over time. This process takes planning and execution within a defined process. We build that for you. We develop your roadmap and walk instep with your team to ensure mutual success.

A Structured Partnership

No partnership can succeed without a common goal. Goals are defined through the planning process between Marabek and our clients. We are vested for the long term and selectively engage with clients who share our vision to reach that goal. Our engagement process requires constant review of our plan and schedule to meet that goal.


What Next?

If you believe that your company is ready to take the next step then its time to take action. Lets review your goals, strategy and successes to explore where you may have some hidden value. All this happens after you contact us!