Marabek is a global business advisory firm focusing on corporate development and capital investment management for mid-sized private and public companies. We act in the interest of the stakeholders and employees in preserving business longevity and sustained growth.


We advise clients how to strategize their business structure for organic and inorganic growth with driven operational and financial metrics. We can demonstrate how to successfully execute plans for financial improvement to maximize profits and return on equity. Specifically for manufacturing companies seeking long term results.

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Competing today means building a roadmap towards long term sustainable results. This includes conceptually planning for strategic acquisitions to complement domestic and international expansion. We support our clients into and through post acquisition operations to maximize synergistic performance.

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Sustained Success

Building a successful business requires constant oversight to minimize risk. We specialize in supporting public and private companies in developing systems enterprise wide that build on strengths and eliminates inefficient operations. Using a DMAIC process for sustained results to return higher returns.

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Realize Your Vision

Marabek is uniquely positioned in building and strengthening your company's vision. Whether its topline and bottom line growth you envision, we are ready to help.  We build on your strengths to expand your product or service globally.

We bring core competencies in operational and financial strategies from the marketplace to help make any enterprise reach its full potential. Not just as your advisor but as a partner in your organization. We become an extension to your corporate development team with a global perspective.

Whether you are a public or private company, we bring a vast array of resources that include access to private equity, commercial banking, secondary capital as well as operational leadership in technical, business process and development. Marabek is committed to long term value for all stakeholders and remains equally vested for the best results that impact return on equity.