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We build trusted partnerships

Marabek’s in-depth understanding of multiple businesses spanning across various sectors, sizes, and geographies coupled with strong financial and analytical abilities gives us an edge in handling complex business-critical information to deliver competitive strategic intelligence and decision support services. Marabek serves its clients as partners aligned with mutual interests.  We work in many cases as our client’s intermediaries or as external strategists, but never as consultants solving a single issue for the company. Our holistic approach supersedes many firms that value their client’s businesses through a myopic lens.  It’s never that black and white!

The most critical aspect of any business strategy requires the ability to execute within a complex framework. Our value is to support your team across industries and geographies by identifying and planning for any potential risks that may conflict with your interests. We partner and serve a wide range of clients with value-driven advisory services. Here is a short list of firms we serve globally. 

Private Equity & Venture Firms
Family Offices
Business Owners
Private Investors
Restructuring Administrators
Public Companies
Bankers & Creditors
Investment Advisors
Tax Advisors
Industrial Development
Government Agencies
Technology Partners
Insurance Firms
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Business Assessment Opportunity Planning Insights & Execution Valued Partnerships

Marabek's advisors and associates have worked on exclusive assignments across the world that span the entire investment lifecycle covering industry analysis, market scoping, SWOT, target screening, deal evaluation, due diligence, investments, portfolio monitoring, investor value-add, and exit. We have helped various stakeholders on their strategic journey by assisting them in preparing a careful assessment of their businesses.

We conduct industry and market research. We collaborate with owners and management to develop strategies, business models, roadmaps, cross-functional plans, and playbooks that will lead to accelerated growth and value creation. We provide a customized strategic roadmap, governance, and a dedicated team aligned to meet our commitment and deliver consistent results.

Marabek approaches every opportunity planning advisory discussion holistically and we leverage our best-in-class tools to cater to areas where improved productivity and efficiency of your business operations will drive value. As stakeholders, we allow you to focus on improving financial performance and increasing your ROI overall. 

Our partners and affiliated experts provide support to senior management and mid-level managers in key strategic initiatives ranging from strategy support, organic business expansion, M&A support, joint ventures, divestitures, restructuring, turnaround, benchmarking, fundraising, going public, and overall financial advisory support.

Our comprehensive business analysis and research are backed by quantitative and qualitative data that allow you to take an informed investment decision. Our aim is to enhance your portfolio investment returns by applying strategic methodologies and analysis. Ultimately, we help stakeholders with actionable insights through a planned approach.

We endeavor to provide deep and insightful solutions which are data-centric and contextual to your business. Defining a comprehensive roadmap to improve and grow for the long-term requires a disciplined approach. Not just with time, but with the right capital. 

Marabek's business planning is built on detailed forecast models, valuation scenarios, comparable companies and precedent transaction analysis, quantitative analysis, screening & tracking, and analyzing sector and industry, as well as market comps and reports. Ultimately, we hope to provide a value-driven executable plan to stage for growth or exit with optimal returns to stakeholders.

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Marabek partners with various firms and agencies across the world. Most offer invaluable services and advice to their clients. We extend our network through a win-win strategy by providing a global perspective to your clients. We have a well-defined partner development roadmap for roles and relationships that benefit your client while enhancing your service offerings. 

We bring a tradition of value and results backed by our long track record. We define success when our partners and affiliates succeed. Together we bring a pooled resource model that strengthens outcomes for all parties involved. Our engagements are varied to suit your needs. As a partner to Marabek, we bring bespoke services to give you and your client a full suite of flexible-scalable skilled resources and informed actionable deliverables.

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