Deal Services

Differentiate and Analyze with Information

Curating, preparing, and executing are three vital steps to a successful venture. At Marabek, we address every deal with a full spectrum of research, analysis, and transaction requirements. We have specialists and external resources required for unique and complex situations. Our experts can provide technical and financial information customized by industry and financial analysts. We are able to provide bespoke solutions to marquee clients across the world in short timeframes.

Marbek’s Global Deal Team is comprised of internal and external partners who can stand up time-sensitive and mission-critical resources quickly to support any deal anywhere globally. As the world becomes more connected where information and events happen in minutes, and sometimes impact business metrics in less time than planned, our streamlined deal services processes are designed to deliver favorable results with limited risk. We offer a suite of select services (please see below). We encourage you to contact us to learn more about what makes Marabek so uniquely qualified.

Business Valuation
Appraisal Services
Transaction Readiness
International Diligence
Risk Mitigation
Pre- & Post- Support
Synergy Analysis
High Accuracy Objective Planning International Standards Best Practices Realization Plan

Marabek's advisors leverage the advancement of technology, technical factors and tested business methods to reach a known result. It is important for any organization to keep assessing its business strategy at regular intervals given such rapid changes in factors or assumptions surrounding the market conditions. We focus on data driven analytics to assess patterns and forecasts with higher degree of accuracy than traditional assumptive methods.

To arrive at a fair, objective and realistic plan, Marabek uses strong forecasting tools with logical assumptions, key industry & company drivers, and relative market data to achieve an objective plan for any deal or transaction. We offer experts with capabilities to forecast financial data using complex financial scenarios and models. Our deal partners are highly reputed and known firms across the world with strong domain knowledge in their areas of expertise.

Our dedicated Deal Team partners offer a full gamut of services covering market research, transaction preparedness, diligence, business risk, synergy analysis, and operational support to name a few for our global clients. Marabek prides in our ability to partner with recognized international firms and veteran advisors experienced in the global marketplace. We offer a highly qualified pool of internationally certified partners for assisting in deals and transactions across countries and continents. 

We approach and support deals and transactions holistically and leverage our best-in-class tools to cater to areas where the probability of success is improved.  Marabek's focus is always to improve outcomes efficiently so that all stakeholders are given higher returns and favorable outcomes.  We build on the strengths of the company and its employees and expand resources so that they can focus on their core strengths. Our experience of working across industries and geographies has enabled us to create numerous win-win solutions for unstructured engagements of advisory support by practicing best-in-class strategies.

As advisors, we try to assess every scenario pre-transaction with clear data and execution plans. Often executives who are tied to the transaction details and get caught in firefighting mode to keep everyone on task, sometimes lose their ability to assess the situation at a high level. 

The Marabek team will monitor the transaction status with an eye on reporting any deviations from the strategic plan. Tactical plans require constant vigilance and field reports to ensure all expected objectives are within reach. This realization plan helps to ensure results are consistent with strategy and execution timelines. 

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