M&A Strategies

Corporate Strategy

Value driven opportunities often return their investment.

Marabek understands the opportunities and risks of a transaction can be quantified provided we can qualify your strategy, regarding your M&A strategy or a divestment. Finding the right acquisition or exit plan requires a tightly focused business strategy and the team to execute it. Reach out to us to learn more!

90% of companies in the US and Europe follow global trends in M&A and many investment firms and investors keep pace with these trends. Marabek follows a sector-focused M&A methodology to find value opportunities with strong underlying assets and cash flow

We work with clients on transactions ranging from $25MM to $500MM or more, across the United States and Europe. For clients in Asia, Latam, and EMEA we support transactions between $10MM to $250MM.

We advise clients across a wide variety of industries through our global partner network where we lack internal resources. As your trusted advisors, if we determine your transaction needs are better served by another advisor, we work with you to identify and retain that advisor.

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Marabek’s M&A transaction advisory team includes veteran executives, financial, tax, IT, and management advisory professionals who partner with private equity firms, banks, family offices, mezzanine funds, and public and private companies in the middle market across a broad range of industry verticals. We tailor our approach for each engagement to focus on strategic objectives and key deal points to provide sound advice and insight to help you make the right decision.

Marabek does not offer advisory services in sectors that cater to fintech, B2C software, financial services, banking, specialty foods, restaurants, retail, or consumer markets. Please see our Select Sector focus to learn more about where we excel. 

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