Most companies looking to grow globally are often formed with domestic capital and tax structures. Marabek helps by exploring access to new debt and equity capital, new banking relationships, improve debt to equity ratios, leveraging existing assets as well as global lending and investment sources.  Introductions to strategic capital partners across a variety of industries.


Building a long term sustainable business needs a structured metric driven system. Marabek helps by asking and analyzing key business performance indicators as well as profitability margin through cost analysis. The requisite basis to improve operational efficiency will include assessing labor, fixed and variable costs, supply chain,  capital equipment and customer sales mix.

Corporate Development

Developing a strong internal Corporate Development team and process requires a diverse team with global expertise in capital investment, M&A and structured deal making. Marabek acts as an outsourced corporate development team to manage strategic goals for companies to grow domestically or internationally  by providing experts across the world.


Creating a competitive company with a centralized information system means building a scalable infrastructure. Marabek shares its philosophy to build a metric driven companies using technology that drives improved cost controls, sales and customer management as well as real-time profitability tracking. Investing in improved tools using technology will provide insights into corporate growth strategies.


Marketing with proven methods require placing importance on targeting efforts to grow organically. Marabek helps develop long term campaigns to develop strategies to build brands and sales in select segments. More importantly, developing a global plan requires knowing regional awareness, trade rules, revenue and margin mix, etc.. Overcoming barriers to entry may require comprehensive tactical planning.

International Strategy

Strategies to grow internationally starts with alignment of corporate long term vision. Developing businesses plans to support an international expansion places importance on team workflow, product matrix, customer support, quality and service programs. Marabek, with its international team, can uniquely help formulate a phased approach to expanding globally. Investing and capital planning are requisite.


Advisory Value Matrix

Marabek's philosophy is based on the fundamental understanding that companies often keep operational focus on existing business interests while overlooking new ideas. We believe that companies rely on strained internal resources to build equity and value. To expand corporate value, Marabek acts as its external advisor and support team to execute strategic initiatives. More importantly, Marabek provides a global perspective to explore new avenues to grow topline and bottom line results. We work collaboratively to share in the risk and reward of helping companies grow.

What Next?

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