Cross Border Services

Corporate Services

Businesses without Boundaries.

Offering access to divergent markets globally as we drive business strategies is what makes Marabek’s cross-border services so unique.

Marabek is able to provide integrated advisory services to our clients through our strong  global network with leading partnerships, and close banking and government relationships across Asia, North America, and Western Europe markets. 

We have assisted clients in setting up operations in the US, Mexico, China, Germany, India, and other countries across the world. Our team has helped clients in integration with international operations, global tax efficiency, exchange controls, and other regulatory perspectives. We have partners ready to support your cross-border needs, today.

Connecting Global Companies

Marabek is a global advisory firm, specializing in cross-border corporate development, M&A, partnerships, JVs and corporate strategy. With our global network and proven execution capabilities, we can bridge Asian and European markets to the US and LATAM. Our network of services are tailored for clients who need specialized financial, tax, operational, legal,  supply chain and labor advisory.

Our international team is dedicated to unlocking value in Foreign Direct Investments, M&A, business development, and other cross-border business opportunities. Marabek’s team of engineers and seasoned executives constantly monitor the manufacturing and industrial sector’s development in Europe, North America, India and China. Our objective is to detect every opportunity as it arises, while supporting companies and entrepreneurs to leverage their own enterprises.,

From captial partners to suppliers and distributors, Marabek is ready to help. If you are looking for a partner to extend your products and services across borders or continents, contact us to see how we do it. 

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