Carolina Landa

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Carolina Landa - Executive Director

Specialized in NAFTA Market Strategy, SWOT Research and Analytics, CRM, Corporate Development, SIOP, Project Management

At Marabek, Carolina is a critical member of our NAFTA manufacturing and market development strategy. She focuses on leveraging business and operational information to create SWOT analysis.  Carolina works closely with clients to assess their CRM and business development tools to mine customer based intelligence to create competitive strategies. She oversees several projects and provides data analysis on key business drivers using qualitative and quantitative information from market and industry sources. She supports Marabek identify strategic options to help execute a successful plans for both organic and inorganic corporate development.

Carolina’s expertise in supply chain involve inventory and purchase pricing strategies. Her experience in SIOP (Sales, Inventory, Operations and Planning) gives Marabek’s clients a broad range of options when reforming their manufacturing operations and profit analysis. She brings market research and trend based insights to help clients exercise  well defined production plans. 

Carolina resides in Monterrey, Mexico and has worked with multinational firms across the globe. She is experienced in cross-border trade and business development.