Matt Mahmood - Managing Director

Matt is a strategic and tactical operations and finance executive. He has extensive experience from a broad range of management and leadership positions in diversified manufacturing, financial, and technology companies, both private and public. Matt possesses extensive experience and expertise in mergers and acquisitions, including strategic valuation modeling, synergistic value creation and complex capitalization structuring. Core to Matt’s focus is in creating sustainable dynamic organizations with strong leadership that are focused on achieving operational and financial results for all stakeholders. In his early years, Matt was an investment banker at Boston Group, Salomon Smith Barney, Bear Stearns and American Express Financial Advisors specializing diversified investments into the technology, transportation and industrial sectors.

Prior to co-founding Marabek, Matt was the COO at Pioneer/Thermotech, a nationally ranked top 50 manufacturing and injection molding company specializing in thermoplastics and thermoset (compression molding). While at Pioneer, Matt architected and executed on the company’s organic and inorganic growth strategies including the acquisition of Thermotech as well as other stressed and distressed manufacturing companies between the United States, Mexico, and China. Matt helped grow the companies from $3M to $140M in revenue over 12 years. He led the sale of Thermotech to private equity in early 2015. Most recently through Marabek, Matt took the role of COO with Nortech Systems (NASDAQ: NSYS). In his role at Nortech he oversaw all aspects of global operations, taking deep measures to impact the financial well-being of the company. Along with significant operational improvements, Nortech generated record annual operating profits, a first in its corporate history.

Known for his global travels, Matt was born in India, raised in Bahrain and calls Minnesota his home, He immigrated to the United States to complete his undergraduate degree at California Institute of Technology (Caltech). After earning a BS in computer science, he ultimately came to Minnesota over two decades ago, later earning his MBA from the University of Minnesota. Matt serves as a board member to several companies and is a Regent and Chair of the Schools of Business and Technology for St. Mary's University of Minnesota.